Wesley was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Hong Kong within a Chinese-American household. Having been brought up by his architect father, art and design ran through his veins. Knowing that he wanted to do design that was more hands on he attended Pratt Institute in New York City majoring in Industrial Design. He accumulated many skills and experiences during college and had the honor to receive the IDSA Student Merit Award upon graduation.

Currently Wesley is consulting and designing at Designtech Resource Ltd. Projects vary from bottling, electronics, sustainable household goods, personal accessories and logos. While doing so he is looking to continue his Industrial Design career in either consultancies or corporations to share his talent and to gain more experience. He hopes he can bring himself into an international level through these experiences and work with all sorts of clients around the world.

“As an Industrial Designer, we create products or systems to improve ones life through innovation and beauty. But when a product cannot be reinvented at the moment, we are obliged to make it as beautiful and seductive as we can until the solution presents itself.”

-Wesley Tong